We will be victorious

When God tests us, most times, the odds are against us. We don’t know how we are going to make it through. Maybe we feel like Gideon when he was at war against the Midianites. God reduced his army from 33,000 to 300. Understand the odds for the 33,000 to be victorious was impossible against an army with many thousands more. When God told Gideon, the 33,000 were too many to defeat the enemy, and I want you to reduce your army do you wonder how Gideon felt when his army was reduced to 300? I imagine Gideon was trying to figure out how God was going to give them victory. But his trust was in the Lord, and the Lord came through. The reason God reduced Gideon's army was so God would get the glory when the Israelites were victorious. The struggles we have….the difficult situations we face is because God wants us to trust Him and to depend on Him and for Him to get the credit. Remember when things look impossible….the God who gave Gideon and his army victory….has promised to come through for you. Have a great day, blessings.