God knows how to heal your broken heart

Have you ever had a hurt so deep that you couldn't even pray? I found myself going through something recently and I said, "God, I can't even pray about this right now. If I do, I won't stop crying." Usually, I'm a person of strong faith even in the midst of impossible situations. This was different. This was the initial pain of a deep, deep hurt. A lot of times when kids get hurt they grab the injured body part. They hold it close and tight. They don't want you to see it and you're just trying to help. There are times in life when the heart hurt is so strong that we react in much the same way. We don't want to express the emotion for fear of the pain. God already knows all about it. He saw it happening. If it broke your heart, it broke His as well.

Two of my favorite scriptures are Psalm 147:3,4 He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. He counts the stars and calls them all by name.

This is the God that we serve. This is the God Who loves us with a love that we can't even comprehend. I love that these scriptures first talk about the tenderness of God. If you have a broken heart, He's your healer. He will bandage your wounds as you go through the healing process. He is so amazing that He counts the stars and calls all of them by name. Yet, He's so loving and tender that He will heal a broken heart and bandage our wounds. We have to let go of it though. We can't hold our broken hearts in the darkness afraid to experience the depth of the emotions. Something happens when we allow Him to truly "see" the wound and when we cry out to Him in our distress. The cry of the broken heart always gets His attention.

Psalm 34:6 says, In my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened; He saved me from all my troubles. My friend, I don't know what you're facing today. I don't know what causes your heart to ache. Here's what I do know. Your heavenly Father is not callous to your pain. He understands and longs to draw close to you. So close in fact that He will personally bandage those wounds and heal them. I can't imagine anything more beautiful or powerful. He was to be intimately involved in your healing process. Think about it for a moment. The same God Who knows each star by name is the very same God who longs draw close to you in order to bring healing. If you will surrender to the process, He will heal you, He will bandage your wounds. There's no hurt so severe that is beyond His healing capabilities. If you're going through a hurtful situation, I encourage you to take it to God. Let Him see it and then watch as He brings the healing.