Is your relationship with God close or is it a long-distance relationship?

How close are you to God? Is it one that you can feel Him and touch Him or, is it one that He seems far away? Many Christians relationship with Christ is a long distance one. They want Christ in their life, they said the sinner’s prayer and accepted Him as their Savior. They go to church, listen to the preacher, believe what is preached, they pray once in a while but mostly when they need something and once in a while when they have the time they read the Bible but never spend quality time alone with Him. They never take time to know Him. God is waiting for you to make the decision to draw close to Him and have a vibrant relationship with Him. He has so much to show you and teach you. He wants to give you good things. He wants to hear from you and for you to spend one on one time with Him. The question is, do you have time for that type of relationship or do you really want that type of relationship? If your relationship with God is a long distance one or if you have never really got to know Him you can have that relationship. He’s just waiting for you.