Houston Relief

It started with an idea to send help and exploded into a venture of weeks of work, and 3 full semi trucks.

Steve Shoff, the drummer for the worship team and sound manager at Cornerstone Assembly of God, is the truck boss and lead truck driver for Rounds Trucking Llc in Idaho Falls. One day, his boss called him and said he wanted to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Texas. So Steve and his wife Syndi made one post on Facebook, and it erupted.

Donations began pouring in from around the community. Steve contacted Pastor Scott Davis to inquire about using the building to store items, and once the green light was given, the work began.Donations from as far south as Boise, Idaho, as far away as Eastern Utah, Montana, and Wyoming began coming in. Pallets of water, cleaning items, food, baby needs, medical supplies, diapers from infant to adult, bedding, and even some clothing were generously given.

A small group of volunteers spent days and nights sorting through every single item, ensuring that donations were well organized and clean.

All three semi truckloads were safely delivered to the Bay Area Relief Network in Texas. From there, thousands of individuals who were displaced from storms and flood waters received the help they so desperately needed. It was an amazing undertaking with incredible results.

Supplies ready to head south to Texas